The Empress of Austria’s Jewel Case

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An extraordinary gemstone encrusted jewel case specifically created for Elisabeth Amalie Eugenie, Empress of Austria, Queen of Hungary, and Royal Princess of Bavaria. Designed in a castle form, this magnificent case is generously adorned with polished and carved stones of amethyst, rock crystal, tiger's eye, malachite, and amber mounted in beautiful, hand-worked doré bronze. The central jewelry box is raised on four doré bronze paw feet and surmounted by portrait cameos of Empress Elisabeth and her husband, Austrian Emperor Franz Joseph. The entirety of this case is a masterwork with every inch consisting of layer upon layer of precious jewel inlays. Incomparable in design and rarity, this jewelry case is a glorious piece of history from the Imperial Hapsburg family. Complete with a custom-made ebony stand. Circa 1870 Empress Elisabeth, also known as Sissi, became a 19th-century icon who can be compared to Princess Diana. Married to the Emperor at the age of 16, the Bavarian princess had difficulty adapting to the strict etiquette of the Hapsburg court and spent most of her adult life traveling among Imperial villas in Ischl, Corfu, Greece and Hungary. Beautiful and fashionable, Sissi had a significant impact on popular culture in Europe during the late-19th century. Her jewelry case, so lavishly decorated with thousands of stones, is testament to her exquisite taste. The Empress was tragically assassinated in 1898 while walking along the promenade of Lake Geneva en route ...

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19 Responses to “The Empress of Austria’s Jewel Case”

  1. LJARSONBECK says:

    has anyone else ever seen something so friggin’ useless!!?

  2. JustJim70118 says:

    What an incredible object. I love going to M.S. Rau. The place is full of not only beautiful antique furniture, but antique game machines and mechanical objections. I could spend hours in the place. It’s wonderful to have such a great business like M.S. Rau in New Orleans.

  3. emlodik says:

    “Someone who has everything.”
    …Shows how little he knows about the actual Elisabeth.

  4. Jaybeegirl says:

    pure luxury!

  5. worldcruiser12 says:

    Princess Astrid married archduke lorenz of Austria-Este today he is Prince of Belgium. He was grandson to the last emrpess Zita. Zita got alot of the habsburgs jewellery and she gave them away to diffrent family memebers including the famous emeralds that she gave to Princess Astrid. It was alitle mix up here in my replies. Empress Zita got this Jewelery via. her husband the last emperor of Austria.

  6. UTAOUB says:

    WHO married her grandson? Is that a typo, or what?

  7. theflowerpower01 says:

    to worldcruiser12:We have some sunshine today, but it’s cold we have no snow yet(and I hope it stays away).
    I don’t like my country and I hope to change next year to a warmer climate.Many regards.

  8. worldcruiser12 says:

    yes you have right I mixed alittle with Zita and it is fantastic about the Koh I Noor that it actually bring bad luck its amazing to see the people who have had it and who still have them just look at all the tragedies it has been in thier life:-) allite funny to think about. How is Belgium today? Here in Norway we have snow….

  9. theflowerpower01 says:

    There’s no Empress who died in Belgium in 1989, but Zita died yes in 1989 in Switserland.And yes Astrid has some of the jewels because she’s maried to a Habsburg.
    Thanks for the answer finally someone who also know that the Koh-I-Noor was split.She gave the one she had away(because of the bad luck)Now the Koh-I-Noor is spli to: Elizabeth Taylor, Elizabeth of England, and a Eastern man Sultan.Yes Sissi-Sisi HAD one of the largest collections of Europe.

  10. worldcruiser12 says:

    she loved jewllery and when she died she had one of the must fantastic jewlleries in europe!!! THat she had collected all her life. This was shared to her grandchildren when she died. The Koh I Noor she did not want to have because it was bad luck after they split the original in 3 peaces so it was sold. THe must fantastic piece of jewllery she had was the emerald faberge neclace that is worn by Princess astrid of beligum today. Married to her grandson

  11. worldcruiser12 says:

    Her son Otto Von habsburg still have alot of her jewllery and her grandson also and even the princess astrid of belgium when she married the archduck of austria the arch duck enheritaed alot of jewllery from his grandmother that belongs to Princess Astrid today the fantastic emerald tiara The empress died in belgium in 1989. And her jewllery went to her grandchildren she had infact one of the largest jewllery collections in europe!!!

  12. worldcruiser12 says:

    Alot of the empresses jewllery are stil in the habsburgs family. Some of them are even gone to the royal family in luxemburg. And some of the master pices she had she give to her good fried Queen Marie of Romania. The Princess Rothild de Orleans of the french old royal family have also some pices from here. The Norwegian Queen have a diamond parole that was from her. Her brother was married to Grand duchess Charolotte of Luxemburg.

  13. theflowerpower01 says:

    It was one time one big stone and centuries ago they split it in three, the one of Elizabeth’s crown is the most known one, the other two are as much worth like that one each, there all 3 a lot of Karats.

  14. obsessivelove69 says:

    so there are 3 Koh-I-Noor diamonds?

  15. theflowerpower01 says:

    Read correct!Before you answer it says ONE OF THE THREE!I’m not wrong! and I know what I talking about your not.The big diamond was long ago split in three pieces.One of them is in the possesion of Elizabeth Mountbatten Windsor(yes the queen Of UK in the Crown!), the other one was Sissi’s and got sold in America(Richard Burton purchaised it on a auction), and the other one is in the possesion of a Eastern Sultan, I know those diamonds, you still can learn a lot!

  16. obsessivelove69 says:

    ur wrong the Koh-I-Noor diamond never belonged to Elizabeth Taylor! was actually given to Queen Victoria in the 19th century by the east india company!
    Its now set in the Queen Consorts Crown!…its been there ever since!!!!

  17. theflowerpower01 says:

    She did not botter about her jewels and gave them mostly away included one of the three(the kho-i-noor) Light of Eastern diamond, now in the possesion of Elisabeth Taylor(Burton gave it as a gift many years ago to Elizabeth Taylor).
    So I think this jewelbox she did not botter for this too.This jewelbox has more to tell for the HABSBURG dynasty.Thank you to show.

  18. Rockafelluh says:

    i wonder where all of the jewels went. if you can post a video of that that would be great!

  19. shirke1987 says:

    very beatiful
    wow that’s from her

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